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Why cooperate with us?

PPINSTALLER, is a monetization platform. We're a pay per install network and help our affiliates to optimize their offers, their website, we provide daily payments, high rates, and very good support.

Highest Pay Per Install Rates.

We have highest pay per install rates and constently try with our advertisers in order to earn more money to our publishers! You can see rates in section "Our Rates". Also we've the best conversion ratio.

Fast and stable payments.

Just ask your affiliate manager by skype or directly on the website and put your payments details. Under 2-3 days you'll be paid. Also we don't have high fees.

Daily payments.

We've daily payments, that's perfect for publishers who need consistently their money to invest and earn more. It takes between instant to 2 days for paypal, and 2-3 days, on business days for others payments methods.

Responsive tool.

We've a simple panel, and link who is advanced ( That's why we're NOT BLOCKED BY CHROME OR FIREFOX ). put this in H1 for seo) Also you can modify our installer, or even bundle it with your software.

Good and helpful support team work with publishers to help them how to achieve maximum income.

Customized and unique Installer.

With our customizable installer you can make money from your free software or even freeware websites. You can change filename, file description and more options.

Friendly and good Support.

Pay Per Install: Just contact your Affiliate Manager on skype to get the payment bi-weekly or even daily. The affiliate manager will helps you with your campaign and how to earn more revenue, he'll give you tips to optimize. Pay Per Install: Thats ok?


Our rates

Country code Max. price
US 2$
GB 1.5$
AU 0.5$
FR 0.5$
CA 0.5$
DE 0.4$
CH 0.5$
AT 0.2$
CA 0.2$
DK 0.2$
CS 0.2$
SE 0.2$
NL 0.2$
NO 0.2$
JP 0.2$
NZ 0.2$
BE 0.2$
IT 0.2$
IE 0.2$
FI 0.15$
ZA 0.15$
SG 0.15$
BR 0.15$
TR 0.15$

Mac pay +30% for each tiers *

Country code Max. price
RU 0.10$
CZ 0.10$
SA 0.08$
TH 0.08$
MX 0.08$
ID 0.06$
EG 0.06$
IN 0.06$
AR 0.06$
LV 0.06$
PH 0.06$
MY 0.06$
BM 0.02$
MO 0.02$
IR 0.02$
HK 0.02$
SK 0.02$
LU 0.02$
GI 0.02$
LR 0.02$
VN 0.02$
KW 0.02$
KZ 0.02$
PL 0.10$
OTHER 0.01$

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Pay Per Install Network


How long does it take for my application to get approved by PPInstall?

It takes approximatively 24-48hours to get approved by us. But it's fast, just send a direct link by email : or skype : "pay.perinstall".

What are the requirements for becoming PPInstaller publisher?

You need to contact us and accept Conditions of the PPInstaller network and also, a publisher agrees to PPInstaller terms and conditions like no spamming and no fake install / fraudulent activity.

Are installs rates fixed? Which countries are accepted?

It depends on how many offers a person accepts during the installation you can see rates in "Our Rates" section. But we guaranteed good rates and better conversion than others !

We allow worldwide install but each install, have different rates depends on the country. Check it on "Our Rates".